January 2, 2018


Due to a construction move, there will be no school on January 4-5 for Glenwood Springs Elementary School (GSES) students. GSES students will return to school on Monday, January 8. All other students in the Roaring Fork Schools will return to school on Thursday, January 4.

During this closure, staff will be moving back into the historical wing. This move will be the third for GSES staff, who have been holding classes throughout the major renovation.

“The staff at Glenwood Springs Elementary School have exhibited immense patience throughout the construction process. They have tackled the challenge of moving their classes and the entire school three times with grace and humor,” said Superintendent Rob Stein.

Glenwood Springs Elementary School has been under construction since the summer of 2016. This renovation is one of the projects funded by the Roaring Fork Schools’ $122 million bond issue. During the first year of construction, school was held in the old main building and temporary modular classroom while the new academic wing was being constructed. Over the summer, work began on the renovation of the old main building. This school year, the school has operated in the new academic wing and some modular classrooms

“We are so excited about the new and revamped spaces at GSES and look forward to celebrating the school with our community next spring,” Stein said.

The school’s Grand Opening Celebration will be held in May.

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