It’s the time of year when we ask students for feedback on their teachers and schools through surveys. We have scheduled student surveys for November 26 through December 14. Surveys are important tools for providing valuable feedback on what’s working well and what needs to be improved. The Roaring Fork Schools have worked hard to ensure that the surveys we disseminate are effective and as unburdensome as possible.

Here are the key facts about student surveys:

  • We use a research-based survey developed by experts to gather feedback on teachers regarding pedagogical effectiveness, classroom environment, expectations and rigor, student engagement, and supportive relationships; and on the school regarding grit, health & wellness, school belonging, school learning strategies, valuing of school, and CREW.
  • The surveys are short, the questions are age-appropriate, and the feedback is anonymous.
  • Surveys are not used as a formal part of teacher evaluation, but rather to identify bright spots and areas for growth.
  • Survey results will be reviewed at the school and district level as well to determine topics for professional development and support.

In addition to informing and guiding teacher instruction, survey results provide data for grant writing, strategic planning, and program review. We are committed to being thoughtful with our survey design and then using results for multiple purposes to avoid over-surveying.

Find more information about the surveys used and a full copy of the questions here: You can also see the results from last year’s survey here:

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