Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! We are launching a new online annual student information update process in place of the paper process used in prior years. At this time, we are still doing some final testing of the annual information update for current students. When the process is ready to be launched, all parents of current students will be notified and able to review and update their student’s information online.

In the meantime, we are asking all parents to complete the health information form (Engish or Spanish) and return it to the school health office. The Roaring Fork Schools are working to better align our student health services with Colorado’s guidelines, so parents will see some changes in our practices throughout the year. The first change is that we will no longer be supplying Tylenol and administering it by permission form only. Tylenol will now be treated the same as all other medications: a doctor’s order will need to be submitted to the school and the Tylenol supplied by the parent for administration at school.

Additionally, we want all parents to be aware of their right to opt their child out of the following: technology use, student image publishing, student work publishing, directory information sharing, and student information sharing with the military. Opt-out forms are available in all school offices. Please note that the district’s policy on publishing student images changed in June 2018 and now requires parents to opt out their student each year.

Please make sure you’ve signed up for and can access your Roaring Fork Schools Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. The new online annual student information update for all returning students will be accessed from the parent portal, as well as your student’s up-to-date grades, attendance, health, assessment, school fees, and transportation information. Please contact your school office for instructions to create your account.

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